The MWCC is a fun and active curling club which has been rocking the sheets for over 100 years! Come join us for a fun-filled season of great curling and special events! On our new website you can find information about our leagues, competitions, upcoming events (below), and our club calendar. You can also check out our Welcome Package and the Membership Fees. Don’t forget to check out the blog posts below which are filled with photos and stories!

 New to Curling?

Check out Jim Matchett’s amusing article “What is Curling?”, then look at some of Curling Canada’s short videos. If you are interested in learning how to curl, contact Bonnie Soutar or Jim Doyle about our instructional program. If you just want to give curling a try, contact Dave Dubeau to rent a sheet for a few hours. Bring some friends, get a short introductory lesson, shoot some stones and then follow up with some drinks in our lounge! Check out the rentals page for more details.

Upcoming Events

Apr 12: Past President’s Finals
Apr 14: Grafton-Hunt Finals
April 20: Mixed Day 40+ Closing Lunch
April 20: EHL Closing Dinner & AGM
April 21: Day Ladies Closing Dinner
April 30: MWCC Awards Event 5-7 pm
April 30: Club Closing Dinner 7 pm
June 8: Annual General Meeting