Turkey Shoot 2015

Tuesday Dec 22nd, 2015
This year’s event was organized by Ed & Sandra Jones and was very exciting to say the least. We held two runs of 4 ends and celebrated the start of the holiday season with pizza and beer!.  After all was said and done, Marc & Mark’s teams took home the bacon (leaving the turkeys alone) .. Congratulations to the winning teams !

Marc Philion (skip), Ray Dubrule, Chris Morrin, Angie Marszalek

Mark Romer (skip), Doug Allan, Nick Fiore/Joe Balogh, Vivian Martel

2015 Winner B Round (Medium) - Copy

2015 Winner A Round (Medium) - Copy

 and the rest of the festive crews:

IMG_3008 crop (Small) (Medium) IMG_2999 (Medium) - Copy  IMG_5586 (Medium)  IMG_5584 (Medium)  IMG_5578 copy (Medium)  IMG_3022 (Medium)  IMG_3011 (Medium)  IMG_3010 (Medium)  IMG_3002 (Medium)