Shamrock Bonspiel 2016

The 2016 Shamrock Bonspiel featured 23 teams from all our club and Sunday rental leagues. The players came decked out in festive costumes and sporting team names from Rick O’Shea to Séamus on ewe.

After 12 draws and many unexpected turns, eight teams were left to play in the Finals on Saturday Afternoon. In the A division, the Ship O’Fools rink skipped by Scott Grafton beat the Unlucky Livers (Jason Eaglesham – skip) to win the Shamrock trophy!  In the B division, Blarney’s Version, skipped by Glenn Payne, bested the O’Harders (Steve Holdaway – skip). In a crowded battle for the C title, Blarney Rubble, skipped by Trevor Murray, won over the O’Boyz (Danny Bell – skip). Lastly, in the D section, The Black Rock Four rink (Jim Doyle/Frederic Fabry – skips) defeated The Shamrockers (Rob Williams/Angie Marszalek – skips).

Congratulations to all participants! For more details on teams and draw results visit the Shamrock Page.

A Section – Ship O’Fools (Winner) & Unlucky Livers (Finalist)

Grafton- Ship O'Fools Eaglesham-Unlucky Livers

B Section – Blarney’s Version (Winner) & O’Harders (Finalist)

Payne-Blarney's Version Holdaway-O'Harders

C Section – Blarney Rubble (Winner) & O’Boyz (Finalist)

Murray-Blarney Rubble Bell-O'Boyz2

D Section – Black Rock Four (Winner) & The Shamrockers (Finalist)

Doyle-Black Rock Four Williams-The Shamrockers

and some of the other photos & teams who competed: