2017 Lyle Bradford Calcutta

The 2017 Lyle Bradford Calcutta was an exciting event for some (Ladies Syndicate) and less so for others (Matchett Investments LLC). As usual, some of the long shots prevailed over the favorite rinks. As the week drew to a close, four teams were left standing to play in the A semi-finals (Jeff Cohen, Mark Watson, Adam Freilich & Alex Hall).  On Finals night, Team Watson came back in the last end to snatch victory away from Team Cohen and score the top $$$$. In the A consolation, Adam Freilich & team held their own against the Alex Hall rink. In a tense B final, the Marc Philion Rink managed to steal 3 ends (including the extra end) to win over the Grafton Rink. The C final saw the Rob Williams Rink beat Debby Ship and her Rink and in the D playoff, Dave Dubeau’s Rink took the free drink away from the Danny Boyd Rink. Congratulations to all participants! For more details on teams, draw and auction results visit the Calcutta Page.

A Section – Team Watson (Winner) & Team Cohen (Finalist)

Calcutta2017- (11)  Calcutta2017- (4)

A Consolation – Team Freilich (Winner) & Team Hall (Finalist)

Calcutta2017- (5)  Calcutta2017- (10)

B Section – Team Philion (Winner) & Team Grafton (Finalist)

Calcutta2017- (14)  B -F-Calcutta2017- (13a)

C Section – Team Williams (Winner) & Team Ship (Finalist)

Calcutta2017- (9)  Calcutta2017- (1)

D Section – Team Dubeau (Winner) & Team Boyd (Finalist)

Calcutta2017- (7)  Calcutta2017- (6)

and the remaining teams:

Calcutta2017- (2)     Calcutta2017- (8)  Calcutta2017- (12) Calcutta2017- (3)