Vice-President’s Funspiel opens the new year!

Our annual Vice-President’s Funspiel was held on January 2nd and featured 31 members playing on 8 teams. The teams played 2 four-end games separated by a break to toast the new year and enjoy some cheesy snacks.  There were several close games, and two close matches which ended in ties, but after the final rocks were cleared, only one team emerged as a clear winner. Congratulations to the Stephen Fagen Rink who were the only team to win both 4 end games for a total of 19.5 points.  Team Robbie Sproule came in second place with 13.5 points followed by the John Ford rink with 12.5 points. ( Looking over the past few years, it appears that Simon has been on winning team 3 times … a lucky charm perhaps?)

Winners: Stephen Fagen (skip), Martin Jacobs, Simon Marcotte, Patricia Cogan
Runners up: Robbie Sproule (skip), Chris Byrne, Anna Grafton, Harvey Artsob








and the rest of the participating teams:

IMG_8033 IMG_8035 IMG_9608 IMG_9644 IMG_9648IMG_8039