2018 Junior Leprechaun celebrates the History of Curling

The marquee event of January is the annual Junior Invitational Leprechaun Bonspiel.  This event is organized in partnership with Kevin Alladin and Jim Ritchie, who put on a well-run tournament with all the tradition, pomp and structure of a sanctioned event. Check out Kevin’s full report & event results in PDF format HERE.

As for our Montreal West Juniors, we fielded four of the 10 teams in the Recreational Division which comprised most of the Little and Big Rock Juniors. The “Corn Brooms” team of Massimo Ciamberlano, Jeremy Shepherd, Jake Patterson, Katrina Bruno and fifth Leah Corbin-O’Kill placed third overall (Consolation Winner). Our Big Rock competitive team of Danny Bell, Tyler Rowley, Chris Byrne and Simon Marcotte (“The Wicker Boyz”) placed fourth in the Competitive Division, and won the Sportsmanship and Fair Play Award. (and had the best costumes to boot!)

Congratulations to all the players who helped make it a great bonspiel. Additionally, we thank the coaches of each team: Andrea Corbin, Jim Cochrane, Trish Dempsey, Lester Shepherd, Dan Philion and Marianne Lynch. Lastly, a big thank you to the many parents who supported our players and volunteered to raise the bar providing a quality bonspiel: Andrea Corbin, Gail Spencer and Mike Bell, Tracey Patterson, Phenice Roberge, Roy Fu, André Gariepy and Stephanie Leclerc, Aline Patterson, Charlene St-Onge, and Liz Emond

The Corn Brooms MWCCThe Wicker Boys1 MW Highlanders The Tartans MWCCThe Thistles MWCC