Turkey Shoot

The Turkey Shoot is our last fling before the holiday season typically held in the third week of December.  We kick things off by rounding up the turkeys for the competition (We’re not talking about some of you curlers -we’re  referring to the birds) . The competition is open to all MWCC members and Sunday League curlers so sign up early because this is always a popular event (for everyone but the turkeys).


This year’s festive classic on December 18th attracted 62 enthusiastic curlers from all parts of our club’s day, evening and instructional leagues. Many who attended the event sported colourful holiday sweaters and seasonal headgear (i.e David’s Santa Yoda,  Russ’s leprachaun & Doug’s elf). The 16 teams played 2 rounds of 4 ends with an intermission of pizza & libations. For more team photos, check out our BLOG POST !

Winners Run 1 : Rob Philion (skip), Chris Byrne, Suzel Julien & Paul Suchecki
Winners Run 2 : Bob Carson (skip), Glenna Jacobs, John Meredith & Jacquelin Gauthier

Winner A RobPhilionWinner B Carson


Another successful contest with 14 teams entered in two divisions. Two runs of 4 ends were topped off by the customary pizza and beer!  After all the feather’s had settled, Erin Ryan & Jean-Marie Martin’s teams took home the stuffing!  For more team photos, check out our BLOG POST page! Note: No turkeys were harmed during the event.

Winners Run 1 : Jean-Marie Martin (skip), Brian Williams, Tyler Rowley, Jonathan Knight
Winners Run 2 : Erin Ryan (skip), Adam Cartwright, Claude Tellier, Anna Grafton

a-ts-winner-team-martin1  a-ts-winner-team-ryan2


This year’s event was again festive and very exciting (to say the least). We held two runs of 4 ends and celebrated the start of the holiday season with pizza and beer!.  After all was said and done, Marc & Mark’s teams took home the bacon (leaving the turkeys alone) . For more team photos, check out our BLOG POST page! Congratulations to the winning teams !

Winners Run 1 : Mark Romer (skip), Doug Allan, Nick Fiore/Joe Balogh, Vivian Martel
Winners Run 2 : Marc Philion (skip), Ray Dubrule, Chris Morrin, Angie Marszalek

2015 Winner A Round (Medium) - Copy  2015 Winner B Round (Medium) - Copy


Last year we decided to jazz things up a bit by inviting participants to wear Festive Hats & Sweaters. The response was great as you can see in the photos on our BLOG POST page! Congratulations to our winners!

2014 Jeff Cohen Team 2014 Kerry Laughlin Team

Winners Run 1 – Kerry Laughlin, Bob Lemesurier, Alex Patton, Kieran Thicke
Winners Run 2 – Jeff Cohen, Anne-Marie Belanger, Francine Jones, Harvey Artsob

01R-MJRphoto1. 01R-MJRphoto 3 01R-MJRphoto 2 01R-IMG_9620 01R-IMG_9696