Vice President’s Funspiel

The Vice President’s Fun-spiel is our opening contest to ring in the New Year. Come and enjoy the fun as we mix and match players for this January contest. Bring those new Goldline Shoes and Hardline broom that Santa left under the tree and work off those extra holiday calories.

VP Funspiel POSTER


Our annual Vice-President’s Funspiel was held on January 2nd and featured 31 members playing on 8 teams. Congratulations to the winners and all participants for coming out to kick off the new year! For more photos, see our BLOG POST.

Winners: Stephen Fagen (skip), Martin Jacobs, Simon Marcotte, Patricia Cogan
Runners up: Robbie Sproule (skip), Chris Byrne, Anna Grafton, Harvey Artsob



Our annual VP Funspiel was held on January 2nd and was well attended with 44 members and Sunday league players participating. Congratulations to all the winners and participants for kicking the new year off in style.  For more photos, see our BLOG POST.

Winners  : Mark Fajertag (skip), Angie Marszalek, Simon Marcotte, Cathy McKeown
Finalists : Doug Allan (skip), Gord Bowles, Erika DiDonato

team-fajertag-vp-winner-2017 team-allan-vp-runner-up-2017


The Vice President’s Funspiel was held on January 1st and was attended by 30 curlers from the regular and Sunday rental leagues. Instead of using the turkeys (still roaming around after the turkey shoot), our VP Greg and Match director Stewart decided to feed the participants with great volumes of Buffalo wings. A great time was had by all.. For more photos, see our BLOG POST.

Winners  : Mark Romer (skip), Rick Fay, Simon Marcotte, & Scott
Finalists : Stewart Yaxley (skip), Joe Balogh

1-Winners VP Funspiel -EDIT 1-Finalists VP Funspiel


Congratulations to our winners:
Winners – Dave Dubeau, Bob LeMesurier, Sharon Smith, Brett Fraser
Finalists – Rob Philion, Marg Ford, Don McKenzie, Wendy Yarnell

2015 VP Winners
2015 VP Funspiel Winners