Evening House League

Welcome! Our league plays Wednesday evenings and is aimed at curlers wishing to hone their curling skills in a friendly and relaxed social setting. Curlers who have completed at least one complete season in the Instructional League are welcomed and incorporated into teams with the more experienced curlers. Teams are drawn up twice per year by a Match Committee and we strive for balanced teams to ensure pleasant competition. We offer players the opportunity to practice ahead of matches. We also welcome members from other MWCC leagues to spare with our teams. For more information about the league or to be included on the spare list, please contact Sophie at match.ehl@gmail.com.

EHL 2016-7 GROUP

Current Season

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EHL Rules (Version 2013-14)
CURLING ÉTIQUETTE (version 2012)


EHL – Summary 2016-17

Congratulations to the Dubeau Rink who captured the EHL trophy this Fall! [Dave Dubeau, Robert Assaly, Lauren Barrett,Mandy Lecocq] and to the Tellier Rink who won the Winter session! [Claude Tellier, Mike Farsidakis & Martin Monarque]

F2016 EHL winners EHL Winter winners


EHL – Summary 2015-16

Congratulations to the Linder Rink who captured the EHL trophy this Fall! [Marnie Linder, Mike Farsidakis, Sharon Smith, Chantal Cormier] and to the Romer Rink who won the A final in the winter session [Mark Romer, Mike Farsidakis, Marc David, Marnie Haig] . ( NB – Joelle Green pictured below instead of Marnie )
F2015 Champions  W2016 EHL Champions


EHL Summary 2014-2015

F2014 A Champions TXT W2015-A Champions TXT


EHL Summary 2013-2014
EHL W2014 Champions-F EHL F2013 Champions-F
EHL Summary 2012-2013

Past Champions


More About the EHL

A success story from its inception, the Evening House League (EHL) was created in response to declining numbers in the Business Ladies League. The BL League which began in the 1978-79 season had thrived for more than 30 years but by 2010 was down to 2 sheets. When the Ladder and other evening leagues were opened to women in 2000, some ladies chose to move to mixed competition and more competitive curling. No longer able to recruit enough new women to keep up numbers, the solution for BL was to form a mixed league.

First known as Monday Evening Curling in the 2010-2011 season, the following year it moved to its current Wednesday slot and Evening House League was born.EHL was planned to fill two important niches at the Montreal West Curling Club: It provides a league to absorb the newly trained curlers from the Instructional group (Buoyed by the 2010 winter Olympics enthusiasm, 2011 was an especially good crop with some 20 new curlers moving up); and, more importantly, EHL provides a venue for more experienced curlers to try their hand at playing the third and skip positions. Through active recruiting, EHL has attracted many good curlers, including some of the talented younger curlers at the Club. EHL match coordinators work hard to create well-balanced teams to ensure lively competition.

Teams are reconfigured mid-season, thus allowing curlers exposure to different Skips. Our spare policy allows experienced curlers to replace at the Third level, ensuring that the strength of a team is not seriously compromised if a Third or Skip has to miss a game. The tactic also keeps our spare list well-stocked as many experienced curlers may not enjoy sparing at the Lead level.

Best of all, EHL is fun! The League continues to attract men and women curlers, who bring their enthusiasm to the game and their willingness to volunteer in many capacities around the Club. Many enjoy curling so much that they join other MWCC leagues as well – definitely a success story!

(2014 Rosemary Cochrane, Dale Huston, Geneviève Lemieux)