Grafton-Hunt Ladder

Grafton Hunt LadderThe Grafton/Hunt is one of two competitions relating to what is known as the Ladder Competitions.  The Grafton Hunt ladder plays Thursday evenings at 6:30 and 8:45pm. It is named in honour of two persons. The Grafton family named the trophy in memory of their father, Geoff Grafton, an avid curler who passed away much too young.  The second person is Charlie Hunt, a former president and very good friend to many in our club.

So, what is the Ladder Competition? Like a ladder, there are steps or sections to this competition.  The better a team plays, the higher it move up the ladder. The opposite occurs when a team is not playing as well.  It will move down the ladder to a lower section.  Historically, the best players in the club join in the ladder competition for it is within this ladder competition that our yearly club champion is crowned.

Current Year

Ladder Rules (Version2)
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GH Ladder A Playoffs Final

2016-17 Grafton Hunt Champions


MWCC Fall Ladder Playoff 2015 – Grafton Hunt
MWCC Spring Ladder Playoff 2016 – Grafton-Hunt

GH-2015-6 A Winners 1st half GRAFTON
2015-16 GH Champions
GH Champions 2nd half 2015-2016
2015-16 Finalists


GH Playoff 2014-15 Team Photos & Standings
GH Playoff 2014-5 Draw & Results

Grafton Hunt Ladder Winners
Grafton Hunt Ladder Champions